It would be helpful if they had a site


My friends and I have been considering going camping in Canada (Algonquin Park) for a while now. Would we be allowed to rent/buy supplies and camp in the park without an adult? We’re 17.


i need some neat ideas and SIMPLE RECIPES, Thanks. and what is it with all the cast iron pots and pans at camp supply stores, i love CAST IRON, but what are the benefits, and how should i care for it other than smores, last time i had those when i was younger, i threw [...]


like squirells and rabbits, everyday items , stuff bouight at ace hardware materials?


One man tent Small sleeping bag in compression sack Hoodie Rain Jacket T-shirt (extra) Shorts (extra) Pants (light cotton) 4 extra pairs of socks basic dried and high calorie food Nylon rope for bearbag + stuff sack for food Small alcohol stove Small coffee can for boiling water Coffee Cup Matches and Lighter Sunscreen (sm) [...]


I am looking to pack my small SUV up with myself,basic supplies and two dogs, 40lb mutt and 80lb german shepherd, from New York to California in August. I have not yet considered how long this will take. First off, any suggestions on tents, there’s so many to choose from and an abundance of add-ons, [...]

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