We’re only staying one night. I don’t want to go out and buy camping cooking supplies for just one night. I’ve decided that we’re eating hotdogs for dinner (easy to cook over a fire), but I want to know if there are any tricks for cooking things or boiling water without buying any new cookware [...]


Me and some buddies are planning a week long camping trip pretty soon for about a week and we will be hiking 6miles to our destination. does anyone have a recomindation of a supply list for a camping trip that long? or any links to an online supply list that might be worth checking out? [...]


I’m looking for a camping spot on or near the beach, and would prefer to be able to pitch a tent right on the sand of a beach. Is there any campgrounds that do this? I’m a fairly new camper (still purchasing all the supplies needed to have a good time this season!)


my maltese is 4 or 5 pounds and i am taking him camping with me over the summer what are some supplies i can bring for him?


I need: a knife / multi-tool a small propane tank / camping stove fuel a lighter (probably a Zippo windproof) These are for fishing and most likely camping afterward, if not camping, at least cooking. I’m just curious whether or not I can buy these items myself at 16 or not.


this will be my first year going to camp when I have my period. My period lasts 7 days if that matters. -thanks in advance.


You have to know and understand how the air compressor parts work so that you will have an idea on what is wrong with the machine.  When you notice that the device is not working properly, you need to know how to check the parts for damage.  You should inspect the hose for tear.  Check [...]


Hey, i have a school camping trip in like 5 days (in cabins) and i need help figuring out what to pack. i mean, they gave us a list, but be a little more realisitic. the camp supplies sheets and blankets (eww) and they wont let us bring any other blankets or sleeping bags(stupid right?!), [...]


Me and a couple of friends are going hiking and camping in Red River Gorge in KY in a month or so and I was curious as to what is normally done with your camping supplies while out hiking? Is there some unspoken code of honor among back country campers that they don’t mess with [...]


School is starting soon, like the end of August, beginning of September. I am going to be a junior in high school. I want to get Jonas Brothers school supplies this year; folders, notebooks, binders, etc. I got two camp rock binders and a bunch of folders last year, but this year, I want to [...]

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