Being outdoors and tent camping should not stop you from enjoying a hot cup of coffee and good food. If you want more than just campfire cooking or tired of having to make do with just crackers and spreads when camping, you should make sure that you bring along a good camping stove with you the next time around. Innovations have been made on this camping equipment that enable campers to completely relish living al fresco with the minimum of fuss.

Whether you are backpacking or driving right into the campsite, you need a portable stove that is efficient and safe to use outdoors. There are several kinds of portable stove with different types of fuel source – electric, gas and charcoal that are ideal for tent camping. Depending on your need, you can get a one burner unit or two-burner stove or better yet, a burner and grill combination. You can also choose one designed with a sort of flame shield that provides protection against the wind. You can also choose either a table top model or a stand alone stove with foldable legs.

What would then be the ideal size of portable stove to bring with you for your camping trip? If you are backpacking, you need a one burner camping stove that is compact and light so that you would not have difficulty lugging it along as you make your way to the wilds. A larger model would be ideal if you are cooking for a large group as it would save you some cooking time. It would also be more efficient and best to bring a bigger portable stove if you can transport it directly to the campsite.

Propane and butane are the most commonly used fuel source for campers and you can bring a small disposable canister or a larger canister for your trip. Although a small canister of propane is a bit heavier than butane it is more efficient to bring as butane is not ideal when camping on very cold weather. You can also opt for white gas as it does not lose its efficiency even on cold weather conditions. An electric portable stove would be your choice if you are going to a campsite that has provisions for electrical outlets.

Bringing along a portable stove when tent camping is also a sure way of having hot food as whatever the kind of weather you encounter you would not have any problem setting it up and you can go right into cooking your meals. It would be hard if you are to start a campfire on windy conditions and you might just end up munching on crackers to fill your stomach.

With a camping stove, you have a lot of options when it comes to the kind of food you can cook and eat while on the road. You can be assured that you would not rely on crackers and cereals, or even campfire hotdogs all the time. You can easily whip up pancakes and bacon for breakfast along with a hot cup of coffee or even grill some meat or fish for lunch.

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